Personalised Cardio Training 
*Results may vary from client to client depending on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.


What Can I Expect From Cardio Training*?

  • A Safe, Personalised Cardiovascular Exercise Programme.

  • Design, tracking and motivation from your certified Health & Fitness Together Trainer.

  • Improved Cardiovascular and Respiratory Functions.

  • Improved Metabolism and Circulatory Functions.

  • Improved Body Composition (less fat more lean muscle).

  • Improved Energy and Overall Feelings of Wellness.

  • Increased Performance, Strength and Endurance.

  • Lower Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels.

  • Works hand-in-hand with current Fitness Together Training Regimen.

The personal training staff at Health & Fitness Together understand the importance of regular cardiovascular exercise or “cardio”, and subsequently cardio is a key element to ensuring that our personal training clients reach their goals.


What Is Cardio Training?

The cardiovascular programme is designed by Health & Fitness Together to allow clients to better achieve their health and fitness goals. It works hand-in-hand with Health & Fitness Together’s Personal Training programme. By providing a combination of 1-to-1 consulting and certified trainer guidance for cardiovascular activities, the Cardio Programme extends the proven results of personal training and aligns perfectly with Health & Fitness Together standards.


Why Cardio Training?

The experts at Health & Fitness Together in Ranelagh, IE realize the need for professional cardiovascular consultation and training to further address the unique needs of our clients. Many fitness facilities and other fitness professionals have failed to recognize the need for proper training, periodized programme design and regular measurable progress reports for cardiovascular training. This is unfortunate since most people have never had formal training for cardiovascular activities. The lack of training and tailored programme design often leads to injuries, improper activities for the client, and less than ideal results for the investment of time and energy by the individual. The Health & Fitness Together Cardio Programme addresses all these needs through personal 1-to-1 consultation and custom programme design based on each participants needs.


Who Is Cardio Training For?

Anyone! The beauty of Cardio Training is that it is tailored to meet the needs and capabilities of every client; from weight loss and body composition maintenance to cardiovascular/respiratory improvements and preparation for sporting events. Cardio Training is an all inclusive programme that allows you to achieve your fitness goals in a safe, reliable, and challenging manner.


How Does Cardio Training Work?

Cardio Training starts with a consultation to discuss your goals, health issues or limitations that may need to be considered before undertaking any serious cardiovascular activity. A certified Health & Fitness Together Personal Trainer will then administer and assess a series of tests designed to provide information regarding physical conditioning, heart rate and other information. This information is then utilized to design a custom cardiovascular programme that will address your individual needs and provide optimal results in a safe and efficient manner. While most professionals will simply tell you to warm up for 5 minutes or ask you to do 30 minutes of cardio activity, our programme will provide you with the precise activities and intensities that eliminate the guesswork. All of this along with the expert 1-to-1 guidance of a Certified Health & Fitness Together personal trainer.