How to Get Motivated to Work Out When You Really Don't Feel Like It

get motivatedDragging your ass to the gym can feel like trying to get a cat into the bath at times, even for the most dedicated exercisers. We all have days when it just seems impossible to get motivated to work out, so we look around for anything to distract ourselves with. But as you can imagine, this won't get you any closer to the body you want.

If this is a problem you're struggling with, check out these quick and simple motivation tips to get you up and moving again:

1. Look Back Over Your Training Journal

Sometimes we get so caught up looking ahead to our goals that we forget the progress we've already made. This is one of the reasons why keeping a training journal is so important. When motivation and self-belief are fading, take out your journal and look back over all the workout sessions you've completed and personal bests you've shattered. It will bring a smile to your face and get you pumped to go push yourself even further.

2. Workout With a Partner

Some people are lone wolves who like to train in their own little bubble. But there's nothing more motivating than making yourself accountable to another person. It's easy to justify skipping a workout when the only person you have to answer to is yourself, but telling a training partner "I just don't feel like it tonight" is much more difficult. They'll feel the same way on their own off days, and you'll end up getting better results as a unit than you ever would as individuals.

3. Remind Yourself Why You're Doing It

When you first started out, you weren't just exercising for the sake of it. There was a fundamental goal that drove you to take up training. For some, it's a desire to keep fit and live a healthy life. Others might want to look good or set an example for their kids. When you're struggling to get motivated, try to remember why you're working out in the first place. Write down that primary goal, look for images, quotes and articles that represent what you want to achieve, then stick it all up where you'll see it every day.

4. Promise Yourself a Reward

Introspection and accountability are great and all, but let's not forget about the good old "carrot and stick" method. Your goal to be fit and healthy or to look like an underwear model might be a long way off, so maybe you need a more immediate incentive to get into the gym? Promise yourself a tasty post-workout treat, a trip to the movies, an evening of undisturbed relaxation, or even a small cash reward for completing your training session.

5. Question Yourself

This is a little psychological trick designed to make it harder to duck out of a workout session. The idea is to reason with yourself and acknowledge the consequences of the decision you're about to make. When you're resisting going to the gym, think about your goal and ask "will skipping this workout help me or hurt me?" Of course, you already know the answer to that, but having to admit it will make it that much harder to decide to stay home.

It's much easier to get motivated to work out when you're getting great results. Request a free consultation here at our Personal Training Studio in Ranelagh and see the difference a personal trainer can make.

Image: Onlymyhealth