Ease Into the New Year With This Post-Christmas Fitness Plan

christmas fitnessIf you're looking to ease back into healthy habits after Christmas rather than diving in at the deep end, the key is to make smart, reasonable adjustments over the first week or so. Here's a quick day-by-day roadmap to help you out:


Your diet is the first thing to address, so clear out all the leftover junk from your kitchen and restock on healthy produce. Try a 16-24 hour fast or juice cleanse to allow your digestive system some much-needed detox time.


You might be tempted to start hitting the gym hard, but your joints and muscles won't be so eager after the break. Shake off the rust with some flexibility sessions instead, like stretching, yoga or pilates.


Now that you're eating clean and moving again, it's time to tackle more intense activities. Go for a run or book in for a spinning class to get your heart rate up and give your cardiovascular system a good workout.


Motivation can start fading after a few days, so recruit a gym buddy or a Personal Trainer  to help keep you on track. It's easy to talk yourself out of a workout, but letting someone else down is another thing entirely.


You've been building the intensity of your workouts all week, so now it's time for some heavy lifting. Head to the gym for a strength training session, making sure to get professional supervision and a doctor's clearance if this is your first time.


If you make January all about hard work and nothing else, it can sap your motivation to stay in shape. Schedule something fun today like a game of tennis or round of golf to lift your spirits.


If you've followed the plan up to this point, then you've had a very productive week. Today is a day of rest — avoid any heavy training, but continue to eat healthy and get outdoors for a stroll at some point.

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Image: Superclovek