5 New Fitness Trends to Get You in Shape for 2017

mud runAre you desperate to get in shape, but can't seem to make exercise a habit? It could be that you're just not interested enough in the activities you're doing to make them stick. You're not alone, either — this is a common problem that prevents many people from getting into fitness. Luckily, there's an easy fix. All you need is to discover an activity that's fun and interesting, and you'll have found your gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

The 3 major pillars of fitness — strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility — will never change, but they can be presented in ways that are new and fun. This makes exercise so much more appealing, especially if you're turned off by the idea of doing endless squats in the gym or dragging yourself out of bed for a run every morning. Here are five new fitness trends for 2017 that might just capture your interest, and could lead you to a more active lifestyle in the long-term:

Note: Always get clearance from your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Safety first!

1. TRX Classes

TRX classes offer a low-impact combined cardio and strength training session. They use just one piece of equipment — a strap system secured to a rack or ceiling — and the exercises can be adjusted to suit people of all fitness levels. TRX training is not exactly new, but we it will likely become even more popular in 2017 thanks to its simplicity and universal accessibility.

2. Obstacle Courses

You know those Tough Mudder-style muck runs your friends and co-workers are always talking about? They've been one of the biggest new fitness trends of 2016, and will only increase in popularity over the coming year. They're equal parts fun and challenging, which makes for an incredibly rewarding experience. You shouldn't have any trouble finding an event either, as they're popping up everywhere these days.

3. Pound

Are you a big fan of music? Then you'll love Pound. It's a fusion of Pilates, aerobics and "air drumming" set to a rhythmic beat for an intense 45-minute workout. Pound has taken the US by storm, but is yet to find a foothold here in Ireland. So while you're waiting for the first classes to start appearing, you can grab the workout on DVD and follow along at home.

4. Team-Based Workouts

These classes split participants into teams for games like Tag or Capture the Flag, or to compete for the highest energy output. It taps into your natural competitiveness and sense of camaraderie to produce a fun workout that gets serious results. It's an incredibly effective approach — you'll find yourself pushing harder for your team than you ever would on your own.

5. Barre Cardio

Barre is a popular exercise method based on how ballet dancers train (it literally uses a ballet barre). It's been around for awhile, but now some studios are adding a major cardio component to really get your heart pumping and ramp up your fitness. If a lean, nimble body and good stability are your goals, barre cardio is definitely worth a look.

Many of these activities require a basic level of fitness to take part. If you're just getting started, make sure you have a professional show you how. Request a free consultation here and we'll help you out.

Image: Daily Burn