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Ease Into the New Year With This Post-Christmas Fitness Plan

If you're looking to ease back into healthy habits after Christmas rather than diving in at the deep end, the key is to make smart, reasonable adjustments over the first week or so. Here's a quick day-by-day roadmap to help you out: Read More


5 New Fitness Trends to Get You in Shape for 2017

Are you desperate to get in shape, but can't seem to make exercise a habit? It could be that you're just not interested enough in the activities you're doing to make them stick. You're not alone, either — this is a common problem that prevents many people from getting into fitness. Read More


Why a "Low GL" Diet Is Key to Weight Loss and Improved Health

Have you ever heard the expression "great bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym"? There's definitely an element of truth to this, because no matter how hard you work out, it takes a good diet to uncover those toned muscles and give you the silhouette you're after. Read More