3 Reasons to Stop Working out Alone

gym buddyAre you better off working out alone or with a partner? It's a common question for those new to fitness, but there's no cut and dry answer. Some people do well on their own because they need the isolation to focus. But broadly speaking, most people will do better working out with a partner or personal trainer. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Results Come Slowly, If at All

Like so many others, our client Ciara had been taking the "lone wolf" approach to getting in shape, and it was getting her nowhere. So she decided to reach out for help, and within a few weeks she had made more progress than she ever could have from working out alone:

"It was a big decision and financial investment for me to join HFT and I was quite nervous about taking this new direction and failing. After only a few weeks I felt great and could already feel my muscles begin to tone and my energy levels increase day by day…

All of the HFT staff are there to support you and ensure your continuous progression and improvement. This is where I failed miserably when I worked out alone in a gym… I simply can't imagine reverting back to my old workout routine."

2. You Need to Be Highly Driven

When working out alone, you need to set definite goals and have clear objectives for what you want to achieve from each workout session. You also need to be highly driven and a real self-starter in order to sustain your motivation for the weeks and months it takes to get in shape.

We are all capable of setting goals and driving ourselves forward in other areas of our lives. For example, you don't think twice about getting up and going to your job every day because you're working towards having a nicer house, bigger car or more foreign holidays every year.

But many people find it difficult to do the same when it comes to their health and fitness. If that weren't the case, you probably wouldn't even be reading this article — you'd be busy working out or planning your next fitness goal already.

3. You Could Be Making Costly Mistakes

One of the major drawbacks of working out alone is that you don't have anyone to monitor your form, or to spot you on those last couple of tough reps. At best, this leads to less-than-optimal performance and slow (or no) results. At worst, you're opening yourself up to a greater risk of injury.

The performance problem will only get worse as you get fitter, because you'll be lifting heavier weights and trying to squeeze out every ounce of strength you can muster. And while you might get away with failing on deadlifts or the lat machine, getting pinned under the barbell during a bench press with no one around to help can be very dangerous.

There are other reasons not to work out alone, but what we've discussed here should be sufficient to show that you'll be much more likely to succeed with a gym buddy or personal trainer.

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Image: Con Estilo TV