5 Signs You Need a Personal Trainer

personal trainer 2Michelle Goode is an avid swimmer and long-time client of ours. Before joining Health & Fitness Together, she used to train regularly in the pool. And she likes to train HARD. But despite this, Michelle was overweight, suffering from back pain, and needed to improve her diet. Fast forward a year, and Michelle had lost 34 pounds of fat, fixed her back, and qualified for the World Masters Swimming Championships!

"I went to Italy, swam personal best times and carried my form through to the regular sea swimming competitions at home. I feel better, fitter and stronger than I've felt for a long time and I'm smarter about the foods I eat."

Michelle's turning point came when she reached out and began working with a personal trainer. She knew she wasn't getting the results she wanted on her own, despite her best efforts. Here are five signs you might be in the same boat right now:

1. You Keep Giving up on Your Weight Loss Plans

No matter how determined you are to lose weight and get in shape, your commitment inevitably wanes after a few days or weeks. It's easy to skip a workout or give up completely at this point, because you have no one to answer to but yourself. A personal trainer will keep you accountable, making it more likely that you will stick to your programme.

2. You're Not Getting the Results You Expected

"I want to lose weight and tone up" is a nice goal to have, but how do you measure that? Vague, wishy-washy goals like this are one of the main reasons people give up on losing weight. A personal trainer will help you set achievable goals based on your own situation and fitness levels, then they'll show you exactly how to reach them.

3. You've Been Following Books and Magazines

The information in weight loss books and articles is not necessarily wrong, but you'll always get better results from a personalized plan than you will from general health and fitness advice. Your personal trainer will create a customized programme for you based on what you want to achieve, while taking your particular physical condition and medical background into account.

4. You're Not Sure if What You're Doing Is Safe

Exercise involves physical exertion, which always carries a risk of injury. And that fad diet you've been following? It could be doing more harm than good. When you work with a personal trainer, you know you're getting advice you can trust. They'll make sure your diet promotes good health as well as weight loss, and they'll be on hand to monitor your posture and technique as you work out.

5. You're Having Trouble Staying Motivated

Even if you manage to stick to your diet and drag your ass to the gym every week, there'll be times when you don't feel good about it. A personal trainer can plug any gaps in your motivation. They'll be there to congratulate you on the good days, pick you up when you're down, or to give you a push when you need it.

Are you ready to see different results? Then you'll need to try a different approach. Request a free consultation here to learn more about getting started with a personal trainer.

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