Starvation Mode

starv mode

Weight-loss is generally seen as a positive thing. It improves health, you feel more confident, you look better plus all sorts of other good physical and mental benefits. However, your brain doesn’t necessarily see it that way.

Your brain is designed to keep you from starving. When you lose weight, the body starts to conserve energy by reducing the amount of calories you burn. It also makes you feel hungrier and increases your cravings for food.

This can cause you to stop losing weight, and may make you feel so miserable that you abandon your weight-loss efforts and gain the weight back. This phenomenon is often called “starvation mode” but is really just the brain’s natural mechanism to protect you from starvation.

It is a natural physiological response. Basically what happen is that our body puts energy (calories) into its fat tissues, storing it for later use. If more calories enter the fat tissue than leave it, we gain fat. If more calories leave the fat tissue than enter it, we lose fat. This is fact and most of the diets cause a reduction in calorie intake, so we lose fat!!

However, the body doesn’t see it in the same way, it sees as the beginning of starvation. So the body fights back, doing everything it can to make you stop losing fat by making you hungrier.

Don’t forget!! Muscle Weighs More Than Fat. While you ARE actually losing plenty of fat, you are gaining plenty of muscle at the same time and it’s balancing out your weight on the scale. You are just building an equal amount of muscle at an equal rate.