John Sheehy

Personal Trainer John is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Cornell University. He currently holds a total of four degrees, two of which are at post graduate [masters] level. John’s qualifications cover Physical Education [PE], Psychology, Research, and Nutrition.
Reflecting his qualifications, John approaches his PT work holistically, applying cutting edge Sports Science, Psychology and Nutritional Biochemistry in the construction of individualised programs carefully designed to meet each client’s specific needs and goals. John’s PT experience is vast and varied, ranging from work with everyday people and special populations, to catwalk models [Access Model Management], to elite strength athletes [UK National Powerlifting Team]. He has previously worked as a PE Dept. Head and Teacher [Pres. Terenure], Psychology Researcher and Lecturer [IT Carlow], and Research Psychologist [TCD Neuroscience]. A certified nutritionist and nutritional researcher, John is a proponent of an ‘evidence based’ scientific approach to nutrition, recommending a delicious and easy to implement whole food plant based (vegan) diet, for long term sustainable weight loss, physical and mental fitness , chronic disease avoidance and overall optimum health.

John Sheehy is currently not instructing any classes.